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The sporting event is called “The Abbots Way 2017 Ultratrail” .

The organization of the race entrusted to the team Lupi d’Appennino, sports association in the field of running trails and off-road, eco- marathons and ultra-marathons.

The race bib must be in front and must be visible for the whole duration of the race.

In case of bad weather, and for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend the current race, to modify the hour barriers or divert the transit of the race on paved stretches.

For the duration of the event and on the route, there are controls for the check of the participants passed, at the meantime there is an active service radio / phone with the managers of the organization. Rescue stations with medical / health, civil protection and rescue, will be present at strategic points of the route and places of off-road vehicles, in order to ensure a timely intervention, to ensure a timely intervention.

If you want to leave the race out of the control point, when you meet the race marshall, they cancel the race number and the participant will not be under the control of the organization anymore.

It’s a mandatory that each participant is in possession of competitive medical certificate valid, the same must be received by mail, by email, by fax. In the case of non-delivery of the medical certificate we will cancel the registration without any refund of the amount paid.

The athlete participates under their own responsibility in the event The Abbots Way lifting the organizing company from any liability for damage done or suffered from / or persons, animals or things, before, during and after the holding of the event, should take note of the length (125km) and the particularities (altitude 5,500 +) of the test and to be aware that their participation requires a high physical training necessary to overcome situations that require great capacity for personal autonomy physical and psychological. Also raises the organization from any kind of responsibility for medical problems that may happen before, during and after the race, as informed of the medical contraindications concerning him.

In case it’s necessary the activation of the mountain rescue or 118, including the possible use of helicopter, the costs arising for the intervention of external structures to those of the organization, both before, during and after can not be imputed to the organization itself.

INSURANCE CASE OF EVACUATION HELICOPTER: The organization subscribes liability insurance for the entire period of the event. The organization recommended that each participant to have their own personal insurance covering participation in events such as The Abbots Way, with accident coverage, travel and evacuation costs. NB: evacuation by helicopter, will be fully charged to the competitor.

BUS: For those who book the bus from Bobbio to Pontremoli saturday 29/04, as the application form, the payment will be issued unless they give regular communication of non-participation by 25 March 2017. The payment of the bus service is 20.00 Euros payable at the beginning of the trip the day 29/04 in Bobbio.

REFUND THE REGISTRATION FEE: The registration fee will not be returned unless there is a medical certificate proving the injury by 25 March 2017. In this case the fee will be refunded in the percentage of 80%. After that date will be given to the competitor the opportunity to participate the following year without the return of the share

IMAGE RIGHTS: By subscribing to The Abbots Way the athlete expressly authorizes the organization free the acquisition of the right, together with its partners, using still images or moving on which will appear, took the occasion of his participation in the event, of all visual media as well as promotional materials and / or advertising, produced and distributed around the world and throughout the maximum time allowed by the laws, regulations, treaties in force, including all extension options that will be made to the planned period.

By registering, and its payment of the fee, the participant accepts without reservation this Regulation.

In case of mistakes or omissions in the regulation of the race, the decision is up to the director of the race as well as the final judgment on all parts.

The director of the race called “The Abbots Way 2017 Ultratrail” will be Mr. Elio Piccoli, President of ASD Lupi D’Appenino, the sports association organizer.

Regulation participation in Team of two or four people “Express Team”:

It’s admitted the entry of an Express Team, team of 2 or 4 four people, who will walk the distance of the track alternating with fractions chosen at the discretion of the participants

The team of 4 will be issued to each participant to take a single fraction of 30 kilometers, in case of withdrawal of one of the competitors will not come into the team standings

The team of 2, the components can follow the surroundings but both will place an obligation to take at least half of the race (60 km) it’ll not be allowed distances different from those indicated
Competitors who stumble in controls, where irregularities occur outside fraction of competence, will be disqualified.
The ban includes the release of Team complete the event.

Participation in the formula Express Team does not assign scores to qualify UTMB

The rankings do not provide Express Team rankings mixed, the presence of a male component assumes the commissioning of the team standings in the male

The participation of Team 2 or 4 components compose a unique ranking, male or female, Express Team members will have to provide its own resources to logistic and to meeting the changing fraction.

Material subject to mandatory controls:

In bad weather expected is strongly recommended the use of the following material.

  • Anti-Wind Jacket
  • Telo emergency
  • Whistle
  • Headlamp for ALL competitors
  • Medical certificate for sports mandatory
  • Phone number of the organization charged with 333 6418441 Trail Running Shoes
  • Reserve water 1 liter. Dual water bottle or hydration pack
  • Bars Energy or food equivalent

In the past editions in the highest points as Monte Lama, Saddle of Generali, at night were recorded temperatures around 3-4 degrees centigrade. Recommend, especially for those facing the Stage One to procure at least half way onwards:

  1. Hat or bandana
  2. Glove
  3. Long sleeve sweater or sleeves

Timing event and gate times:

  •   Gate Borgo Val Di Taro 7 hours
  •   BARDI gate 13 hours
  •   Gate of Farini 22 hours
  •   Maximum Time 32 hours = 3.9 km / hParticipation requirements for competitor:
  •   Participation SINGLE – No requirement
  •   Participation Express Team – No requirement
  •   Medical certificate validity in competitive sports
  •   18 yearsOthers:

    On this edition of The Abbots Way takes place in competitive form.

    The surfaces of stroke include stretches of asphalt below 10%, with the remainder divided between trails, single track, forest, forest roads, vegetation and fords.

    At the check-point of each stage there will be a food service run by local staff.

    Ethics Trail:

    ASD LUPI D’APPENNINO was the host society and one of the founders, as well as participating in the first meeting of the companies participating in the drafting of the 1st Italian Manifesto of Trail Running in Morfasso (Pc) in 2008.

    The athlete must:

    Avoid use of performance-enhancing drugs to attend the event.

    Help any participant in the situation of apparent difficulties along the way and immediately alert the medical staff.

    Do not throw down any kind of waste, indicate the presence of waste along the way. Have responsible attitudes in full compliance with the rules of the road and the surrounding environment.

    Do not leave the path or leave the event without report. organization. Do not cross private areas unless expressly authorized.





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