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ROUTE: running trail to step free and with limited time from Bobbio to Pontremoli, on the ancient road of the abbots.

The route is about 125 km with 5500 m D+ and can be done in two different ways:

TAPPA UNICA/RACE 125 (1 ATHLETE): in only solution from start to finish
EXPRESS TEAM (2 OR 4 ATHLETES): relay, a fraction of 30km each with changes in checkpoint allowed to Farini-Bardi-Borgo Val di Taro. At the team of 2 is required to run for 60 km for each and not necessarily consecutive(30+30+30+30)

START: On 28th April 2018 at 06:00am in Pontremoli. The time limit to finish the race is 32 hours.

PARTICIPATION: are alllowed to partecipate in the race men and women who have turned 18 years old, and in possession of the medical certificate agonistic.
You can check the rules: https://theabbotsway.wordpress.com

RESULTS: will be post on the website.

AWARDS: Tappa unica: the first 5 men and the first 5 women.
Express Team: the first 3 teams of women and men.
Goody bag to all participants.

REFRESHMENTS: the race is considered in food autonomy, 3 life points are provided with medical care, you can find food and hot drinks at Farini, Bardi, Borgo Val di Taro, and refreshments every 5/10 km.

MATERIAL REQUIRED: carefully consult the website.


Entries will not be accepted over the 20/04/2018.

DELIVERY BIB NUMBER: Bobbio(PC) at PALAZZO TAMBURELLI in Contrada dell’Ospedale 12 from 4 pm to 8 pm on 27/04/2018. Briefing from 5 pm to 18 pm at Sala Riunioni on Municipio di Bobbio.



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