2017 Bus Bobbio-Pontremoli (athlethes) and transport luggage during the race.

It’s set up a shuttle bus service (available only with reservation by the athlete). This service can be used by those who wish to leave the car at the arrival of BOBBIO. The service starts on 29 of April 2017 at 13.00 from  SPORT CENTRE in BOBBIO to reach PONTREMOLI at 15.30 the same day.

BOOKING: Can be used in the entry form to the race by putting the cross in the appropriate field, or send request full name and surname phone number at theabbotsway@gmail.com

PAYMENT: Payment is due in the bus directly to the organization personnel involved in the check. The cost of the bus service is 20.00 Euros, kindly please prepare the exact amount in advance.

DELAYS COMMUNICATIONS AND PENALTIES: Who could not get in time for the appointment is requested to notify the organization at the number +39 333 6418441 BEFORE 12.00. Remember that if you book the bus and you do not show up at the start, you must pay 20 euros anyway when you go picking pectoral.

The day of the race there is a shuttles service for the transport of luggages that you can use for free.
The service works ONLY for those who make the race in STAGE ONE as it is mandatory for all participants of the formula “Express Team” to be autonomous in transfers.

MEETING: On April 30 in Pontremoli at 5.30 near the start line. Shuttles transport luggage leave for Bardi and later in Bobbio. On a shuttle they will be loaded backpacks small (max 60 cm in length and width) containing the change to be made in Bardi (the change is not considered mandatory). The second shuttle will be uploaded to the main luggage they will be brought directly to Bobbio and deposited in the Sports Hall, where you can also find showers. Once passed by Bardi the last competitor (around 20.00), all the luggage will be load on the shuttle for the transport to Bobbio.


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